NTU’s second learning hub boasts ‘smart’ classrooms

Classrooms with university students sitting in rows inside mass lecture halls, listening passively to lecturers dish out information, are becoming a less common sight. For one university, a drive to improve how students learn - by encouraging more interaction and discussions - has been gaining momentum. The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) now has more than [...]

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Move to award extra 1.25 points for admission aimed at helping students pursue their passions

Passion for a field of study will count for admission to the National University of Singapore (NUS) from this year. Those applying for a place at NUS will be given 1.25 bonus points for their first choice - equivalent to going from C to B or B to A in an A-level H1 subject. This [...]

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ST-SIM forum to explore education and disruption

What kind of skills will be valued and in demand as technology advances and jobs get disrupted? How can education adapt to these changes in an interconnected world, challenge established norms and prepare students for an uncertain future? These are some of the questions that speakers and participants will explore on Feb 3 at a [...]

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