A1: Employment pass holders can apply dependent pass for their children under MOM. However, dependent pass doesn’t guarantee government school admission in Singapore. All international students would have to attend the AEIS exams to be eligible for government school admission.

There are 2 AEIS exams each year. One in Feb and another in October.

A2: Only government school students are allowed to work part-time in Singapore. Private school students are not allowed to do so.
A3: This would depend on the school that he would like to apply. Most of the government schools in Singapore would require applicant’s IELTS score or placement test result equivalent to certain IELTS standard.


For most private schools, IELTS score isn’t considered as a must when they proceed for the application. They can either choose to do the placement test with the school or submit IELTS score to get exemption for English studies.

A4: The student pass application usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks. Students would be advised to submit their application at least one month before the course commencement date.
A5: Yes, we can arrange such. We can arrange the accommodation either with student hostel or homestay as according to your specific requirements.
A6: No. As according to Singapore Council for Private Education (CPE) requirement, all private schools are not allowed to collect the course fee before signing the student contract. Usually most of the schools will only collect course fee from students once their student pass got approved.
A7: Yes. We suggest that you bring along all the original documents when you come to Singapore on student pass. Usually the school will check your original documents when you report school. Singapore ICA might also do spot check on your original documents when you collect your student pass.
A8: Once you have completed your courses, the school would have to cancel your student pass. You will be able to stay in Singapore for one more month with the social visit pass given by ICA.
A9: Only those students that study at government schools can apply student fare MRT card. International students that study at private schools are still not able to apply such cards at the moment. Such cards can be applied at every MRT station with Ticket office.
A10: Yes, if you can’t go to school you would have to ask for leave in advance. If you are sick, you would have to submit the proof from clinic.
A11: Yes. ICA would require international students to have minimum of 90% attendance, or their student pass might have problems in terms of continuation or renewal. Poor attendance might impact your eligibility for examination and later impact your graduation.
A12: Yes. Singapore certificate is globally recognized. Final year transfer to Australia is possible with satisfactory IELTS score and completion of certain stage of studies.
A13: You would have to ensure that you had satisfactory attendance before you proceed the school transfer. Minimum of 80% attendance would be required for a successful school transfer. The school transfer process usually takes about 2 weeks. EA Study is very experienced in dealing with local school transfers and we can help you to ease the whole process.
A14: We would say there’s still some gap for China and Singapore’s English standard. We would suggest your son come to Singapore and study the international school English foundation course or preparation course prior to the official international syllabus. Please kindly contact our senior course consultant who will work out the best pathway for you.
A15: Age is just one consideration factor for student pass approval. Other supporting documents are also the ones that affect your student pass approval rate. Hence, get well prepared for all the listed documents and supporting documents are the key for success. Please don’t worry and our experienced course consultants will guide you through.
A16: Government school follows Singapore syllabus. The pathway for local government school is mainly designed towards Polytechnic, Junior College, NUS and NTU.

International school follows IB syllabus which is mainly designed for students that would like to further their studies overseas. IB syllabus is good for student’s future transfer to U.S., U.K., Australia etc.

Private school is another type of education system in Singapore. They either provide preparation course to help students enroll government school or provide higher education with the collaboration with third party university in other countries.

A17: There’s no policy for current government school students to apply permanent residence under ICA. However, once you have graduated from Poly and got a job after your graduation, you will be granted with SP or EP with the help of your employer. Changes of getting permanent resident will be higher by then.
A18: It depends. Most of the schools in Singapore would require MBA students with at least one recognized bachelor’s degree. However, there are also some private schools in Singapore that can accept MBA application with diploma and working experience. Please kindly contact our course consultant for more detailed information.
A19: You will not be able to go for the AEIS Sec 3 exam. Singapore Ministry of Education would not recommend levels where international students will be more than 2 years elder than their classmates.
A20: The exam registration usually will open around July onwards. Registration will be closed once all available places for test dates are taken. Hence, students would always be suggested to register the exam early. The whole application process includes online application, submission of supporting documents and payment. The entry proof will be sent to students when the exam dates are about to come. We offer registration services for AEIS/S-AEIS exam registration also.