After coming to Singapore and studying for a while, some students might think of school transfer due to several reasons, such as change of major, unsatisfactory school management and staff service, close classmates transfer out etc.


We are very experienced for education industry and we would strongly recommend students consider the following points before proceeding with the transfer application

  1. Be aware of your attendance with your previous school. In order to be successful in your new school transfer, you must obtain at least 80% attendance with your previous school.
  2. Campus Tour and face to face course inquiry with new school staff. Get an appointment with the school, visit the school in person to experience the school location and get first hand course information from the school.
  3. Carefully check with your new school whether your current education qualification can grant exemption
  4. Do not pay your course fee until your student pass grant approval by ICA

EA Study provides free consultation service for your school transfer services. We have special promotions for school transfer from time to time, hence, please do check with us prior to the application. For those students with poor attendance, we will also work out the best solutions for you.