Once your student pass was approved by Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority(ICA), you would be required to print out the In-Principal-Approval (IPA) letter which serves as a single entry visa for you to come to Singapore. You can highlight your student pass status when you book your one way airticket to Singapore and most of the airline would give you 30 kg student luggage for free.


Originals of other documents like certified birth certificate, certified highest education qualification and transcript, parent work statement etc would also be required to bring along. All these documents might be required by ICA for spot check.

The student hostel accommodation expenses in Singapore is about S$ 500 per month. Other living expenses is about S$ 500 per month. You might want to roughly calculate base on that and exchange proper amount of Singapore dollars before you arrive here.


You can get your Mobil pre-paid card in any terminal building of Changi Airport, or you can also get it from 7-11 stores, Cheers convenience stores, Singpost. The main telecommunications companies in Singapore are Sintel, Starhub and M1.

Once you have collected your student pass from ICA, you may proceed to local banks for new account opening. The main local banks in Singapore are DBS, UOB and OCBC. Most of the local banks might require minimum of S$ 500 to be kept in your account, or S2 will be deduct from your account every month.